12 DIY Harry Potter Miniature Hacks and Crafts

Harry Potter Hack

Harry Potter Hack

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Are you intracted to magic? Then create your own magical world using miniature crafts in the style of Harry Potter.

Supplies and tools
• Acrylic paint (black, bronze, brown, dark green)
• Brush
• Paper
• Hair tie together with pompoms
• Felt
• Hot glue
• Paper
• White glue
• Cardboard
• Wooden veneer
• Matches
• Copper wire
• String of lights
• Makeup cap
• Twine
• Awl
• Skewers
• Sponge
• Decorative stones
• Fake moss

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Leveling up will have all energy restored. By tapping on the character’s face on the upper left, the current level and level advance bar will be visible underneath the character’s name. When the bar is full the player levels up.
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Learn how forcome a DIY wizard together with these 12 magical Harry Potter themed crafts!

0:00 – DIY Prophecy Ball
0:46 – DIY Wands
1:16 – Harry Potter Fridge Magnets
1:42 – Flying Broomstick
2:14 – Eye of Newt Potion
3:00 – Hanging Giant Spider Decor
4:02 – Monster Book of Monster
4:43 – Harry Potter Dresser Upgrade
6:10 – Skele-Gro Potion
6:56 – Hogwarts House Ties Bookmarks
7:59 – DIY Magic Chocolate Frogs
9:15 – Hogwarts House Emblems Decor

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