Harry Potter: as well as the Love, Lies, Cheats of four Wizards : Series One, Episode One.

Cheat Harry Potter

Cheat Harry Potter

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Hey guys! I know the Harry Potter series have finished, but I never got around to doing my fan-fictions to them. I have in front of, but searching back on them, they are rubbish!
This is the 1st episode to my Harry Potter fan-fiction, called “Harry Potter as well as the Love, Lies, Cheats of four Wizards” I hope you enjoy it.

Sorry about no music, I forgot. Next episode there will be music. Any suggestions for songs? 🙂

Also, I am doing the completely new thing where you may comment your full name, as well as I’ll include you as a character in these stories, you may choose your celebrity image! (Someone in their teens with in their 20s)

Comment + Like/Dislike for additional episodes.
Plus, I’ll be uploading additional episodes shortly, so have your intention. 😛

Any questions, don’t hesitate to comment them.

Enjoy! 🙂

Thanks to the community now we all may have cheat codes for Lego: Harry Potter Years 5-7. Got additional codes to add? Let us know as well as we will give you a shout out on the next YouTube video!

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The game-playing takes place in two sections: the story as well as the classes aspect, with the addition of side quests. The player will not need in each chapter to finish a class with a side quest as well as then move on to the story. They may finish in the withder as well as the pace they decide. However, the game will not allow the player to move on to the next chapter with part of the chapter unless the player finishs both the story as well as class.
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