Possible New Way to Get Free Gems/Energy In Hogwarts Mystery???

Hogwarts Mystery Free Gems

Hogwarts Mystery Free Gems

Gems and Coins Hack

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Phone: iPhone SE
Computer: ASUS frame, Samsung SSD
Wand: Apple Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/2in, Pliant
Patronus: Black Mare
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Ilvermorny House: Wampus

The player
The player will receive choices to make throughout the game. The answers they give from a maximum of three possible answers can determine which wand they receive, how strong their friendship with another character will be or how to deal with a situation which could have an impact on them later in the story. They have the choice of rewards which support contribute to the Courage, Empathy and Knowledge level of the player. The rewards can be makeed in classes or by completing pieces of the story. Certain choices may merely be readily available if the player’s Courage, Empathy or Knowledge level are high enough.
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